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Suggested Readings:May 21-27, 2018

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Where to begin, this week?  Here. Must read. 

Trump administration announces imposition of tariffs on $50b in Chinese imports, plus restrictions on Chinese investments in sensitive sectors and new export controls.     Official White House announcement at 

Look for all three articles – by Wendy Cutler, Zheng Yongnian, and Nathan Gardels, around the theme of technological competition between China and the U.S.  All three pieces are important. 

Must view.  “The Future of U.S.-China Engagement.”  From the National Committee on US-China Relations.  Four senior figures in the US policy community discuss this serious point.

The China Threat theme fully expressed: a detailed investigation of PRC acquisitions of sensitive US technology firms, and the inadequacy of current US means of examining and interfering with such deals on national security grounds. 

A breath of fresh air – or sip of water, in this case – in a time of seemingly unending bilateral disenchantments: a major Center for American Progress effort to advance US-PRC collaborative efforts at building a “Blue Future” in the world’s oceans.  

After several previous participations, China “disinvited” from participation in this year’s US-organized RIMPAC naval exercise in Hawaii.  Militarization of South China Sea islets cited as main cause.  A significant symbolic step backward, but so was the landing of heavy bombers on China’s airfield on Woody Island. 

The “latest” on the ZTE saga.  Also this: .  And THIS:

One of myriad indicators of American frenzy over purported China danger.  The very last line is the most revelatory.

PRC Domestic 

Official (and therefore somewhat stilted) but nevertheless interesting account of Xi Jinping address to Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, on the future aspirations of PRC science and technology. 

An amazing cornucopia of explorable images and commentaries – on everything “artistic and cultural,” but in this case on China in myriad ways. 

Good advice on the perils of foreigners working illegally in China, and of not making sure that a foreigner’s would-be employer is acting legally in hiring the foreigner.  Teaching English the most common case in point. 

The very talented Alec Ash with a review essay on science fiction in the China of today, and in the China of yore.

The Xiongan New Area mega-city project near Beijing: monument to Xi Jinping’s vision of state-driven, advanced technology-enabled, urban development.  This writer has his doubts. 

A contemplative reflection on old photos.

The unending struggle against pyramid schemes, this one revolving around cryptocurrencies. 

PRC tech grandees’ comments at annual Big Data Expo.  Official China Global Television News writeup.

PRC Global

Thoughtful essay on current and future Sino-Indian relations in a shifting global context.

From February, a study by veteran analyst David Kelly, entitled “Seven Chinas.” 

What foreign startups and small business are up against: the “free look” method of gaining foreign companies’ lifeblood IP without ever investing a cent.

An experiment in Soft Power along the routes of the Belt and Road Initiative:  a stage play designed to provide basic financial education for workers along the BRI, in order to prevent financial fraud. 

The swamp of foreign embassy attempts to communicate with large numbers of people via Chinese social media.

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