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Suggested Readings:May 14-20, 2018

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PRC Domestic 

A moving profile of Professor He Weifang, a distinguished advocate for reform based in the rule of law, now heavily censored and restricted.  Strongly recommended as follow-up:  .

The fall of the House of Anbang, or at least the Head of Household. 

Great piece on the vibrant start-up scene in China.

An examination of evidence of the existence and scale of political re-education, or “de-extremification”, programs aimed at Uighurs in Xinjiang. 

A very well informed British analyst writes on China’s water problems and what must be done to cope with them.  Download from this site. 

Another serious examination of the Chinese water situation with a very different conclusion: no imminent water crisis.


NYT’s Keith Bradsher does not mince wiords in assessing the visit of top Chinese economic negotiators to D.C.

As Vice Premier Liu He descended on D.C. to try to find common ground with the U.S. on a host of huge trade and economic issues, U.S. ambassador to China Terry Branstad explained how far apart the two nations remain. 

Vice Premier Liu He and his top economic team leave D.C. after several days of negotiations with Administration officials: here is one of many reports on what emerged.  Readers will be forgiven if the have trouble determining whether anything meaningful actually resulted, but perhaps time will tell.  

South China Morning Post on the ambiguities trailing after the Liu He team visit to D.C. 

Useful update on brewing Congressional action to expand scrutiny of incoming investments (main concern: China) and not, as of this report, to institute USG scrutiny of OUTBOUND US corporate investments for the first time. 

The swirling goulash of Administration verbiage and actions on China trade sanctions.

A by now well established American journalist, in the “Opinion” zone, blasts Trump for reversing course on ZTE, and goes on to portray a gigantic US-Chinese struggle in which one concession to a Chinese demand portends much larger U.S. strategic losses.  No mention of the list of demands the Administration laid on the table as they left Beijing a week or so earlier.

US Congress prepares to expand US government authority to scrutinize and cancel incoming foreign investment deals, with Chinese M&A deals the main target.

PRC Global 

A major study by RAND on “China and the International Order”. 

Financial Times sage Martin Wolf with a follow-up assessment of what he heard at  a very high-end seminar for “thought leaders” of his stature in Beijing two weeks ago.  Sober but important views for those in the “West.”  

PRC successes in building strong ties with Southeast Asia.

A new wrinkle on “Made In China 2025.”

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