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Suggested Readings: April 29 - May 6, 2018

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PRC Domestic
An eye-opening opinion piece by the former editor of the South China Morning Post, in which he sees signs of PRC overreaching braggadocio in the high-tech space, and warns that over-the-top hype about China’s tech advances risks doing more harm than good. 
Way down in China’s southwest, cursed by broken terrain with few natural transportation routes, in imperial times the exile destination for those in trouble with the Emperor, impoverished Guizhou Province comes into its own as – the next Chinese high tech focal point.  A fascinating lesson in long-term economic development.  It’s all about Big Data and AI. 
The ups and downs of “Shangri-la,” in remote Yunnan, boosted from a remote scenic area into a huge (and typically crass) tourist bonanza, and then demoted to dog again by XJP’s menacing restrictions of official luxury and extravagance. 
A moderating voice in the current brouhaha over “brain scanning.”  Related:  a very informative (for the lay person, anyway) Congressional Research Service paper on Artificial Intelligence:  . 
This article suggests how hard it will be for Xi Jinping and his administration to make the kinds of decisive moves the US team now visiting China will likely demand: a) because Xi himself is a believer in the statist economy he is proclaiming and supporting; and b) because “vested interests” (again!  This has gone on for years!) will not comply with orders to undertake fundamental structural reforms at the grass-roots level.  An old theme, but important to revisit now.

China – Global 
A blog on intellectual property legal issues in China.  Contents constantly changing, so scroll through for items of interest.  Definitely legal in nature, but of interest to companies with IP as well as to legal professionals. 
Peter Mattis writes a sober and lucid analysis of PRC “influence operations” in other countries.  Serious and important reading.
A useful look at the usually overlooked (and opaque) world of global technical standards, and at China’s growing efforts to define them,

PRC – U.S. 
Ambassador Chas Freeman with a hard-hitting address on the current wave of hostility toward China in the U.S. and its ugly implications. 
The much-discussed visit of Trump’s top trade team to Beijing just ended, here is an early an not-definitive report on what happened and what the US demanded of the Chinese. 
What the US demanded China do, during the Mnuchin-Navarro visit (which has been deemed a failure, by most US media anyway). 
China pulls the plug on US soybean purchases.  Wonder why….. (One expert notes privately that at this time of year China routinely ends soybean purchases in US and turns to Brazil anyway.) 
As the Administration’s top team heads for China amidst vast publicity, allegedly to conduct “deal or die” talks with Beijing on Trump’s demands, the usually pro-free-trade Claude Barfield of AEI  stands with the hardest of the hard-nosed Americans, and lays down a menu of Chinese offenses – covering all the main points – that, in his view, the US must demand be remedied or eliminated.  He then lays out a menu of U.S. steps to be taken if China does not relent.  It’s pretty much all here, but he says nothing about ongoing tits and tats. 
More positioning (Ross:  China’s “evil practices,” e.g.) before the US team heads for China.  
Yet more positioning from the same D.C. event.  Strangely blithe failure to see the similarity between Paulson/Clinton’s “Strategic Economic Dialogue” (later “Strategic AND Economic Dialogue” and what USTR Lighthizer seems to envision. 
Posturing or the real thing?  Is push coming to shove in the trade sector?  Mnuchin, Kudlow, Lighthizer (and “Death by China” Navarro?) head to China for talks on tariff threats, demands for PRC behavioral changes, etc.  A great summing up of many issues, bilateral and PRC-domestic. 
The dreaded “China Tide Syndrome” advances.  USG considering blocking Chinese citizens from participating in “sensitive”research at US universities and labs.  A cornucopia of opportunities for paranoid, ill-informed, or literal-minded security bureaucrats. 
For the trade-savvy.  A respected international trade analyst blasts the Trump tariff threat, delineates what is and isn’t legal under international trade law, and suggests ways that the US Administration could act against offensive (but not illegal) PRC investment policies.  A slow but valuable read. 
A lighter read than the preceding item: bated breath everywhere over what the US Administration’s actions on trade (including steel and aluminum tariffs on imports from EU and other “friendly” countries – ostensibly occasioned by PRC overproduction – will ultimately amount to.  And, what will China do, having stated categorically that it is not going to be kicked around by the US? 
Florida Senator Marco Rubio has found a political niche – China – and is maximizing his presence in it in the Era of Trump.  He here discusses the spectacular Bill he is about to introduce in the Senate.  Future unclear, but content unmistakable. 
George Koo, an outspoken American businessman of Chinese descent, takes on the China Threat wave.

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