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  THE PRESIDENT:  My fellow Americans:  Today, I want to update the world on our efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

  The Iranian regime is the leading state sponsor of terror.  It exports dangerous missiles, fuels conflicts across the Middle East, and supports terrorist proxies and militias such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, and al Qaeda.
  伊朗政权是主要的国家恐怖主义支持者。 它出口危险的导弹,加剧中东地区的冲突,并支持恐怖主义代理人和准军事组织,比如真主党,哈马斯,塔利班和基地组织等。

  Over the years, Iran and its proxies have bombed American embassies and military installations, murdered hundreds of American servicemembers, and kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured American citizens.  The Iranian regime has funded its long reign of chaos and terror by plundering the wealth of its own people.
  多年来,伊朗及其代理人轰炸了美国使馆和军事设施,杀害了数百名美国服务人员,并绑架,监禁和折磨美国公民。 伊朗政权通过掠夺本国人民的财富资助其长期的混乱和恐怖统治。

  No action taken by the regime has been more dangerous than its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them.

  In 2015, the previous administration joined with other nations in a deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  This agreement was known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.
  2015年,美国前政府与其他国家就伊朗核计划达成协议。 这个协议被称为联合综合行动计划(JCPOA)。

  In theory, the so-called “Iran deal” was supposed to protect the United States and our allies from the lunacy of an Iranian nuclear bomb, a weapon that will only endanger the survival of the Iranian regime.  In fact, the deal allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and, over time, reach the brink of a nuclear breakout.
  从理论上讲,所谓的“伊朗协议”本来是为了保护美国和我们的盟国免受伊朗核弹的摧残。这种武器实际只会危及伊朗政权的生存。 事实上,这笔交易使得伊朗能够继续进行浓缩铀,并随着时间的推移,达到了接近核爆炸的边缘。

  The deal lifted crippling economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for very weak limits on the regime’s nuclear activity, and no limits at all on its other malign behavior, including its sinister activities in Syria, Yemen, and other places all around the world.

  In other words, at the point when the United States had maximum leverage, this disastrous deal gave this regime — and it’s a regime of great terror — many billions of dollars, some of it in actual cash — a great embarrassment to me as a citizen and to all citizens of the United States.
  换句话说,在美国具有最大影响力的时候,这个灾难性的协议给了这个政权 - 这是一个非常恐怖的政权 - 数十亿美元,其中一部分实际上是现金。这对作为一个公民的我,和美国所有公民来说,是一个巨大羞辱。

  A constructive deal could easily have been struck at the time, but it wasn’t.  At the heart of the Iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program.
  当时很容易达成富有建设性的交易,但事实并非如此。 伊朗协议的核心是一个巨型虚幻小说:一个屠杀政权唯独希望和平的核能计划。

  Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie.  Last week, Israel published intelligence documents long concealed by Iran, conclusively showing the Iranian regime and its history of pursuing nuclear weapons.
  今天,我们有确实证据证明伊朗的承诺是谎言。 上周,以色列公布了长期被伊朗隐瞒的情报文件,确凿地显示了伊朗政权真面目及其追求核武器的历史。

  The fact is this was a horrible, one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.  It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it never will.
  事实是,这是一个可怕的,一边倒的交易,应该从未发生过。 它并没有带来安甯,也没有带来和平,它永远不会。

  In the years since the deal was reached, Iran’s military budget has grown by almost 40 percent, while its economy is doing very badly.  After the sanctions were lifted, the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear-capable missiles, support terrorism, and cause havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond.
  达成协议几年以来,伊朗的军费预算增长了近40%,而其经济表现非常糟糕。 制裁解除后,独裁政府利用新的资金建造具有核能力的导弹,支持恐怖主义,对整个中东及其他地区造成严重危害。

  The agreement was so poorly negotiated that even if Iran fully complies, the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time.  The deal’s sunset provisions are totally unacceptable.  If I allowed this deal to stand, there would soon be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  Everyone would want their weapons ready by the time Iran had theirs.
  该协议谈判的很差,即使伊朗完全遵守协议,该政权在短时间内仍可能处于有能力核爆的边缘。 该交易的“日落条款”(sunset provisions)是完全不能接受的。 如果我允许这个协议成立,那么很快就会在中东出现核军备竞赛。当伊朗拥核时,每个人都会希望已经拥有核武。

  Making matters worse, the deal’s inspection provisions lack adequate mechanisms to prevent, detect, and punish cheating, and don’t even have the unqualified right to inspect many important locations, including military facilities.

  Not only does the deal fail to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but it also fails to address the regime’s development of ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear warheads.

  Finally, the deal does nothing to constrain Iran’s destabilizing activities, including its support for terrorism.  Since the agreement, Iran’s bloody ambitions have grown only more brazen.
  最后,这个交易未能遏制伊朗破坏稳定的活动,包括支持恐怖主义。 自协议以来,伊朗的血腥蓝图变得更加肆无忌惮。

  In light of these glaring flaws, I announced last October that the Iran deal must either be renegotiated or terminated.

  Three months later, on January 12th, I repeated these conditions.  I made clear that if the deal could not be fixed, the United States would no longer be a party to the agreement.
  三个月后,今年1月12日,我重复了这些条件。 我明确表示,如果协议不能得到纠正,美国将不再是协议的缔约方。

  Over the past few months, we have engaged extensively with our allies and partners around the world, including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  We have also consulted with our friends from across the Middle East.  We are unified in our understanding of the threat and in our conviction that Iran must never acquire a nuclear weapon.
  在过去的几个月中,我们与世界各地的盟友和合作伙伴进行了广泛的接触,包括法国,德国和英国。 我们还与来自中东各地的朋友进行了磋商。 我们统一了我们对威胁的理解,坚定认为伊朗决不能获得核武器。

  After these consultations, it is clear to me that we cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement.

  The Iran deal is defective at its core.  If we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen.  In just a short period of time, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapons.
  伊朗协议的核心是有缺陷的。 如果我们什么也不做,我们确切知道会发生什么。 在短短的时间内,世界主要的恐怖主义国家(伊朗)将很容易得到世界上最危险的武器(核武)。

  Therefore, I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

  In a few moments, I will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating U.S. nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime.  We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction.  Any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States.
  稍后,我将签署总统备忘录,开始恢复美国对伊朗政权的核制裁。 我们将制定力度最强的经济制裁。 任何帮助伊朗寻求核武器的国家均可能受到美国的强力制裁。

  America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail.  We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction.  And we will not allow a regime that chants “Death to America” to gain access to the most deadly weapons on Earth.

  Today’s action sends a critical message:  The United States no longer makes empty threats.  When I make promises, I keep them.  In fact, at this very moment, Secretary Pompeo is on his way to North Korea in preparation for my upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-un.  Plans are being made.  Relationships are building.  Hopefully, a deal will happen and, with the help of China, South Korea, and Japan, a future of great prosperity and security can be achieved for everyone.

  As we exit the Iran deal, we will be working with our allies to find a real, comprehensive, and lasting solution to the Iranian nuclear threat.  This will include efforts to eliminate the threat of Iran’s ballistic missile program; to stop its terrorist activities worldwide; and to block its menacing activity across the Middle East.  In the meantime, powerful sanctions will go into full effect.  If the regime continues its nuclear aspirations, it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before.

  Finally, I want to deliver a message to the long-suffering people of Iran:  The people of America stand with you.  It has now been almost 40 years since this dictatorship seized power and took a proud nation hostage.  Most of Iran’s 80 million citizens have sadly never known an Iran that prospered in peace with its neighbors and commanded the admiration of the world.
  最后,我想向伊朗长期遭受苦难的人民传达一个信息:美国人民和你们站在一起。 现在,这个独裁政权已窃国近40年了,并且把一个尊贵的国家劫为人质。 伊朗8000万公民中的大多数从不知道伊朗曾与邻国和平相处,曾赢得世界的钦佩。

  But the future of Iran belongs to its people.  They are the rightful heirs to a rich culture and an ancient land.  And they deserve a nation that does justice to their dreams, honor to their history, and glory to God.
  但伊朗的未来属于其人民。 他们是深厚文化和古老国家的合法继承人。 他们应该得到一个国家,它能公正地实现他们的梦想、能尊重他们的历史,能证实上帝的荣耀。

  Iran’s leaders will naturally say that they refuse to negotiate a new deal; they refuse.  And that’s fine.  I’d probably say the same thing if I was in their position.  But the fact is they are going to want to make a new and lasting deal, one that benefits all of Iran and the Iranian people.  When they do, I am ready, willing, and able.
  伊朗领导人自然会说他们拒绝谈判一个新协议。他们拒绝,那可以理解。 如果我处于他们的位置,我可能会说同样的话。 但事实是他们会想要达成一项新的和持久的协议,让伊朗和伊朗人民都受益。 当他们要这样做时,我已经准备好了,并且愿意和能够携手来做。

  Great things can happen for Iran, and great things can happen for the peace and stability that we all want in the Middle East.

  There has been enough suffering, death, and destruction.  Let it end now.

  Thank you.  God bless you.  Thank you.

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