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Suggested Readings: April 16-22, 2018

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April 16-22

PRC Global Video of Xi Jinping’s address to the Boao Forum April 10.  English interpreter voice-over, from a prepared text.  A good chance to look at the man and sense his rhetorical style.  Must Read.  Was it a mistake to “let China in” to the WTO?  A detailed look at Belt and Road Initiative projects in numerous countries, with emphasis on the problems China has encountered.  This is an Indian publication, and may be subject to close factual examination. The U.S., and the UK, bring the sledgehammer down on major PRC telecoms manufacturer ZTE on grounds of security.  Important, large development.  China will surely react.  Rising EU uneasiness about the Belt and Road Initiative: the sense that one “system” is going head-to-ahead with another “system.” China announces plans to moderate current investment restrictions in the auto sector (e.g. joint-venture requirements, lower tariffs on imported autos).  Devil in the details, as always, and ultimate impact uncertain, given the extent of current foreign auto firms’ jv and other operations in the country.  But a response to loud U.S. demands for liberalization in the auto sector.

PRC Domestic  Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations has published a significant new book, and this article (may be paywalled) arises from her larger work.  “China’s New Revolution:  The Reign of Xi Jinping.” Cut in reserve requirement for banks – gentle action in face of signs of economic slowing.  More and more and more on national security and fighting “foreign” spies and evil-doers.  Research article on the rise of the Ministry of Public Security in intelligence work in China.  (Paywalled in typical academic press fashion.)

U.S.-China  This one will have legs.  But much of this piece is a rehash of already-known material. U.S. considering use of the International Economic Emergency Powers Act to curtail Chinese investment in U.S. advanced technology sector – big deal, if it actually happens.  One of America’s most seasoned and highly respected China diplomats, Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, warns that recent U.S. legislation portends disaster for Taiwan and for U.S.-China relations. Unintended consequences coming?  US ban on ZTE brings signs of impending Chinese response.  Some US companies (Qualcomm above all) caught in the crossfire.  EXCELLENT BACKGROUND ELABORATION ON THIS MAJOR CASE AT . More on the ZTE ban: inevitably, the ban strengthens the push for full-fledged indigenization of the Chinese IT sector, to avoid dependence on foreign components vulnerable to supply interruptions or subversions.

Other Items of Interest Serious jitters over potential PRC military action against Taiwan, following highly conspicuous PRC military exercise. China Daily tells the world not to dismiss recent large-scale military exercises lightly.  “No room for bargaining when it comes to China's territorial integrity….it would be wrong for any dreaming of the island's secession to consider efforts in this regard as a demonstration of weakness or indetermination. Although it remains the last resort, the PLA will act if forced to do so.”  A set of brief articles on China in a recent Australian publication.  Some are Australia-centered, but others (including Lampton’s opening essay) are not.  Lampton wisely concludes, “As we contemplate the prospect of endless Sino–American abrasion and negotiation, remember that the three decades from the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 to 1979 saw two wars involving China and the United States and virtually no bilateral trade. Te next almost 40 years have seen no Sino–American wars and huge welfare improvements in both countries through cooperation. Let’s remember past achievements as we deal with current and future frustrations.  FASCINATING piece on China’s thousand-plus “time-honored brands,” and their challenges in today’s market. 

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