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Suggested Readings: April 7-15, 2018

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April 7-15

U.S.-China Testimony from the Federation of American Scientists about PRC foreign policy and strategy, challenges facing the U.S., with recommendations for Congress on key issues. Must Read. The best statement of basic realities on U.S.-China economic relations in recent times, and in few words, to appear amid the current excitement over “trade war.” A succinct “What you need to know” page about the U.S.-China trade mess, from PRC official medium Xinhua. Bannon is incidental here; the issues the article raises, however, and the evolution of American policy thinking on China, are extremely important. Alibaba Founder/CEO Jack Ma with an op-ed on why a U.S. -China trade war would maim both sides to no purpose. After Xi Jinping’s Boao Forum speech, mentioning intention to lower tariffs on autos, skeptical responses from American business people close to that market. And other reactions to Xi’s overall message. Rhodium Group’s 2018 update of its close study of two-way investment flows between the U.S. and China. Executive Summary at A long and highly informed argument – a plea, really – that the US should turn to the WTO’s institutions, rules and processes for action on American intellectual property complaints, instead of acting unilaterally (e.g., with tariffs) and disregarding the global trade system. A long and complex process, unlikely to be viewed favorably by the dominant actors in the Administration. But a worthy argument; American contempt for the “rules-based global trade order” embodied in the WTO will have long term and dangerous consequences. Almost funny, but not quite.

China Global/Foreign Policy

From AP: Signs that China is really turning the economic screws on Pyongyang. Will it continue, if the US and China fall into unrestrained trade conflict? Plain-vanilla wire service report on Xi Jinping’s heavily advance-hyped speech to the Boao Forum April 10. A fun video-and-commentary handling of the Xi speech is at . The whole speech, with simultaneous English voice-over translation, is at . Good to see the man himself in action. Martin Wolf exercises economic Sagehood at the Financial Times, combining commonplace observations with occasional memorable insights. Here he waxes “macro” about the rise of the Chinese economy and what the U.S. and the “West” need to do. Financial bumps ahead on the Belt and Road? Coverage of a major PLA Navy display in the South China Sea just after the Boao Forum on Hainan. President Xi boards a destroyer. The impressive spectacle appears cognate to land-force spectaculars, e.g. on National Day in Beijing.

PRC Domestic must see. A gorgeous collection of recent aerial photographs. Unforgettable. An extremely worthwhile article on China’s “social credit system” in action at one particular locality in Shandong Province. A young artist makes a public exhibition in Wuhan (albeit briefly) of stolen personal data on more than 300,000 people. A remarkable confession and apology from the founder of hugely popular tech-based news and information platform clearly in trouble with the political authorities. The timing is eerily coincidental with Facebook’s current challenges and CEO Zuckerberg’s testimony before U.S. Senate committees on where and how Facebook went wrong. Sixth Tone’s complementary (and shorter) treatment of what happened is found at . Hank Paulson, former Treasury Secretary, emphasizes the positive: Xi has put a top-notch, globally savvy team at the top of the economic cone, so the time is right, finally to do major reforms long overdue. China’s wide-ranging “social credit” system at work in a single locality: points for “good” things, loss of points for bad ones. Algorithmic heaven. A lovely story about poverty alleviation at the most local level.

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